Thursday, March 1, 2012

A Sample of Process

The Foofaraw: Notes (Elisabeth Bloxam)

“Stop having fun and listen to me!” – Jonno

·         Preshow: set costume pieces/juice boxes in  bin backstage
·         Preshow: set coloring book, notepads, sign, Crayons, tape, on table SL
·         Scene 1, Part 1: kids … move to occupy space, fight to be seen when speaking
·         Scene 1, Part 2: Felix, remember your tie, jacket
·         Scene 1, Part 2: Lynette, remember your coat, scarf, and purse
·         After Scene 1, Part 2: leave drinks onstage!
·         Scene 2: Olivia & Ann, don’t get hidden behind couch
·         Scene 2: don’t forget Lowell’s phone call
·         Scene 3: don’t forget first phone call
·         Scene 3: don’t forget Simon’s phone call
·         Scene 5, Part 1: Lowell, when you sit down at the couch, push the ottoman further away so there’s room for the fight scene
·         Scene 5, Part 1: Ann & Felix, walk downstage quicker during Madeline/Simon confrontation
·         Scene 5, Part 1: NOBODY turn around to see Lynette
·         Scene 5, Part 1: FELIX, MAKE LYNETTE CRY!!
·         Scene 5, Part 2: Lowell, wait for Ann on “wait for me!”

·         ARTICULATE: Hit your consonants.
·         PROJECT: The presence of the audience will soak up sound. You need to speak more loudly, slowly, and clearly than you ever would in real life.
·         BE PROFESSIONAL: Don’t talk backstage. Be aware of what’s going on onstage and don’t goof around. Don’t peek through the curtains and stay clear of the door when it’s open.
·         If you forget your lines, stay in character. The audience won’t notice if you keep talking as your character.
·         Olivia = quarterback … get out of the corner!
Everyone … if you have a line that cuts off Felix, cut him off faster

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